Adding Commercial Value

By on February 2nd, 2018 in Holton Crest News

With our focus on the Continuous Rotary Extrusion process and optimised production performance, Holton Crest are adding real commercial value through our CRE expertise.

From the very beginning, Holton Crest has always had a customer focused philosophy that we will provide the best solution and most appropriate technology that we can apply to any particular application at the time. We never compete solely on price and have always offered the best advice for our solutions and applications. It is an individual customer-driven area, so we always aim for effective solutions that deliver the required results whilst controlling the costs of production.

Holton Crest offers the best quality, durable machines with the most advanced technology to drive optimum production performance and commercial advantages for all our customers. Holton Crest has a wealth of experience in both mechanical and process engineering, enabling us to focus on the continuous rotary extrusion process as our key driver, ensuring that our machines are designed around optimising the process for the best possible production output. But our expertise doesn’t stop with the machines – we provide a fully comprehensive service and focus on maintaining optimum production levels by managing the process effectively and keeping our customers’ machines running at all times.

We are involved in all areas of the process and have a clear appreciation and understanding of the needs of the client’s team running the process, the machine and the ancillaries. This includes maintenance, production, process technologists and senior management, as we have skills in all those areas. This makes for strong and lasting customer relationships based on trust.

Whilst we are focused on driving growth and production efficiencies with our latest extrusion machines, we also offer future proofing and modernising of our older machines, for example by digitalising a ten year old line. In the area of instrumentation and electronic controls, we are already looking at some upgrading and modifications of 5-6 year old machines, such is the pace of change. Even some machines over 25 years old are still fundamentally sound, but with modernisation of certain features and components, customers could see significant improvements by increasing functionality, productivity, efficiencies, coil qualities and running speeds potentially.


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