Investing in people and skills

By on February 2nd, 2018 in Holton Crest News

With a clear focus on the future development of the CRE industry, we are making big investments in the engineering and technological skills of our people.

At Holton Crest, we are making a long term investment in the skills of our people, both in mechanical and process engineering with a strong focus on new technology. As a highly technical business, we are dependent upon people coming through with a specific set of engineering skills that are not readily available in the UK. Our internal graduate training programme ensures our young engineers are involved from concept through to commissioning at every stage of the twelve month long projects. This investment comes to fruition because our engineers develop the technical expertise and breadth of knowledge to support the demands of our customers.

We also want to give work experience to the new generation of engineers. We deal with many different areas such as import, export, buying, selling, engineering, subcontracting, free issuing, and more, so can provide a real insight into industry. By investing in young engineers, we feel passionately that we are putting a bit back into society at a technology level, and it is definitely something we want to do more of.


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