The Continuous Rotary Extrusion Process

Manufacture of long length products (10,000 metres +)

Processing non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, alloys etc.)

Feed material from rod, cast bar or particles

Large variety of profiles, tubes and shapes created

Continuous Rotary Extrusion

Continuous Rotary Extrusion (CRE) is a continuous extrusion process capable of producing a range of profile shapes and sizes from rod or powdered non-ferrous metal feedstocks.

Continuous extrusion leads to faster production, reduced costs per tonne and increased flexibility with the ability to produce longer lengths of finished products.

Extrusion machines can produce a larger end product than the original feed rod, and have the ability to process copper, aluminium and other materials on the same machine.

The Process

With feedstock materials such as copper, aluminium and alloys, continuous rotary extrusion enables the manufacture of solid and hollow section profiles such as conductor wires, busbars, strips, tubes and more.

The CRE process works on the principle of heating up the feedstock metal through friction. The material is fed into the machine around a wheel that continuously rotates, transporting the feedstock through the machine until it reaches an abutment and extrusion die to create the desired shape. This shape then continues to be extruded from the machine as a continuous length of material, which is cooled and dried before being cut or coiled as required.


A wide range of feedstock materials have been successfully processed into high value products using Continuous Rotary Extrusion.

With over 30 years’ experience in processing metals through rotary extrusion, Holton Crest have produced machines that are capable of processing aluminium, copper and a range of alloys and exotic materials such as gold and brass. Complete process lines are available from Holton Crest to accept a variety of feedstock including rod feed, cast bar feed and granular feed.

With over 30 years’ experience in continuous rotary extrusion, Holton Crest machines are capable of processing aluminium, copper and a range of alloys and exotic materials.


Initially producing solid products the CRE process can now produce a large range of tubes from round to multivoid and has also now moved into the fine and hollow profile markets.


Typical applications include:

  • Solids
    • Cable conductor, Busbar, Lightning conductor, Strip,¬†Rods,¬†Superconductor

  • Tubes
    • Round refrigeration multiport, Air conditioning, Hollow profiles, Shaped tubes

  • Profiles
    • Magnet wire, Commutator, Heat sinks, Motors, Switch gear, Custom profiles

Get in touch with us to discuss your individual application requirements.


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