About Holton Crest

Holton Crest are specialists in Continuous Rotary Extrusion, with over 30 years’ experience in the market. With a clear commitment to driving continual improvements in extrusion processes and production improvements, Holton Crest are leading the technological revolution to bring next generation CRE applications to market.


About Holton Crest

Holton Crest designs and manufactures Continuous Rotary Extrusion machines and is a Global leader within the market, helping international manufacturers to produce copper and aluminium components, cables, wires and profiles. Holton Crest offers the best quality, durable machines with the most advanced technology to drive optimum production performance.

As specialists in Continuous Rotary Extrusion, knowledge and experience is the foundation upon which everything at Holton Crest is built. With significant investments in people, skills, technology and R&D, we are focused on leading and guiding our customers towards optimum levels of continuous production – by design.

Knowledge and Experience

Holton Crest is a premier technology company who purchased all the design and manufacturing rights for Continuous Rotary Extrusion from Outokumpu in 2006. Since then, Holton Crest has been successfully producing, developing and supporting Rotary Extrusion Machine users to effectively manage their production output.

Holton Crest are specialists in Continuous Rotary Extrusion, with all our machines designed around optimising the process for our customers. Within our personnel we have the resource of over 100 years of experience in the design, build, commissioning and support of Outokumpu Holton extruders and processes worldwide, giving Holton Crest a unique perspective and depth of knowledge of rotary extrusion equipment and customer application needs. As a premier supplier in Europe, all our equipment is fully certified to CE standard, meeting the appropriate machinery directives for health and safety of operation.

Investing in the future

Our customer focused philosophy is to always lead with the CRE process, so our machines are specifically designed around the process, utilising our experience, knowledge and commitment to new technological advances. We are making a long term investment in the skills of our people, both in mechanical and process engineering with a strong focus on new technology. As a result, we have designed, built and put into production a new generation of machines with new technology and digital control that have been installed in multiple configurations.

We are continually researching and developing new methods of improving the CRE process, from software developments to drive near real time digital process control, to adaptive controls to minimise scrap levels. We are also addressing energy efficiency and noise reduction to reduce the impact of our machines on the environment.

With long term relationships with our customers, many of whom have been operating Holton machinery for over 20 years, we are also focused on maintaining optimum production levels and minimising maintenance issues. With our upgrade and modernisation programmes, we are helping our customers to benefit from increased functionality, productivity improvements, coil quality and faster running speeds.

By investing in the best technology, talent and engineering skills in partnership with some of the World’s leading producers and institutions, Holton Crest are now realising the full potential of the CRE process in modern manufacturing all over the World.